Industrial JavaScript


I'm involved in both Java and JavaScript communities


Java ?

Yes, I "still" do Java
and I "still" enjoy it!

I ended up working in
"big companies"

In these "big companies"...



Being a developer in one of these companies...

Thinkpad forever

1 GB Ram, Win XP (no kidding) Thinkpad

Internet Explorer

Choosing a new piece of software...

  • They have to spend money
  • One solution to rules them all

Industrial Workflows

Selling the Web Platform
to these "big companies"
is not an easy task

The situation has evolved


The magic Keyword has landed

JavaScript ecosystem has evolved

First you have to enter


Whether you like AngularJS or not, it's the key to bring JavaScript development in big companies

The following views are NOT my own!

Supported by Google

Full stack framework

Dependency Injection

  • Structure
  • Modularity
  • Testability

Match with Java EE concepts
Spring & EJB

But once inside, it's only the beginning

They never have invested in design...

Bring Java developer to (real) JavaScript development isn't easy, but...

We've got also Dependency management


"JavaScript is not compiled,
it doesn't need to be built"


Web optimization

No one should anymore copy his source files on a Web server

Web Deployment
in 2014 =

Verifications (JsHint) +
Preprocessors (Sass, Coffee...) +
Minifications (Uglify) +
Image Optim (Imagemin...) +
Concatenations (concat) +
Cache Buster (rev) +

Grunt can "watch" your files and recompile everything

Welcome preprocessors!

for CSS...


Even HTML!

Too much Grunt configuration?

There is also a solution, he's called Yeoman

Grunt will also run your tests!

Unit Testing JavaScript?


With Jasmine

No, this one

Or with that one from
the Node.js community

In every browsers!

And produce reports

  • In the console
  • In HTML files
  • In JUnit compatible format
  • With coverage!

You can fit your JavaScript project in Jenkins & Sonar

+ => &

JavaScript projects can finally fit in Industrial workflows

Thank you!